Artist Management 101


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With the complexities of maneuvering a career through a fast-changing digitally-driven era; Mathew Knowles MBA Ph.D., as the founder of Music World Entertainment, brings decades of depth on the subject of Artist Management. From his renowned work with Destiny’s Child to the solo careers of each of its members; he has developed acclaimed strategies.

Having served as executive producer for more than 100 award-winning, platinum and gold albums including pop, R&B, gospel, dance, and country; he now teaches the mechanics of managing any artist in any genre. With his history of record sales exceeding 450 million worldwide, and working with some of the biggest names in music; offers an unparalleled, one-of-its-kind approach to aiming an artist’s trajectory.

Are you looking for a successful business idea? Dr. Knowles knows the questions you should be asking yourself. What are you good at? What can you make money at? What problems exist? Not only will you begin to look at your ideas with these questions in mind, but you will learn the strategy behind each.

Additionally, Dr. Knowles will introduce you to creating pitch decks and structuring yours to be a comprehensive visual version of your marketing plan.

This course will introduce you to funding options for your idea, getting off the ground, launching your idea and evaluating key benchmarks.



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