Basic Business Management – Boot Camp for Business Owners



Ideal for any sector of the music industry, this business boot camp includes sessions on inventory management, human resources, finance and accounting, marketing, sales, and even using social networking.

Within this course, Dr. Knowles will teach students about different business structures, who is managing and who is leading, and the value of a strategic plan. Additionally, you will learn what it takes to bring your idea to life, how to structure your business, intro to marketing, and more. Dr. Knowles will also give students insight into one of the most important tools you can have in the entertainment industry – branding.

Creating a brand for not only himself but also Destiny’s Child and his daughter Beyoncé, Dr. Knowles understands the importance of branding and also the strategy that goes on behind it. With this Boot Camp style course, you will get the motivation and know how to better brand yourself and your business.

Students will learn the skills Dr. Mathew Knowles learned himself during his climb of the entertainment industry.


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