Building a Consulting Business



Business consulting is one of the fastest growing industries around the world, and continues to make a huge impact on the entertainment industry. The Knowles Institute is thrilled to offer this comprehensive program that covers everything from developing a business plan to the nuts and bolts of a consulting business (such as rate sheets, contracts, networking skills, and sales and marketing strategies). Students will leave the course with a head start on building their business, and making their personal, professional impact on the entertainment industry.

Good business and common sense, curiosity about the world around them, and desire to help others. These among others are traits Dr. Knowles understands a good consultant possesses, and he is thrilled to teach them to you. In this course, students will learn many skill sets including communication, negotiation, resiliency and change management. Students will study the importance of technical services, training services, specialized services and project management, and understand the importance of each within the entertainment industry. You will gain focus on the three elements of consulting: service, segment and site. Being a consultant himself, Dr. Knowles will teach you lessons he’s learned over the years from his rise in the industry.


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