Communications for Small Businesses


Often times in the entertainment industry, professionals are thrust into a situation where they must become competent in a diverse range of skills. Among these, of the upmost importance, is business communications skills.

The Communications for Small Businesses course offered through The Knowles Institute covers everything that small business owners need to know about getting their message out there. Additionally, it prepares future business owners with the skills necessary to hit the ground running and be an industry leader in strategic communications.

What do you want your audience to remember from your 20-30 second sales pitch? If you’re wise, you want to increases awareness of your business, introduce the product, and enhance your profile as an expert. Within this course, Dr. Knowles will teach you the steps needed to design a winning sales pitch that hits all the markets. Additionally, you will learn the importance of choosing the right fonts and letterhead, how to create a catchy headline, why consistency is key, and how to use photos to enhance your story. Dr. Knowles’ journey to being an industry powerhouse came with many key lessons on how to communicate strategically and effectively, and he is thrilled to pull from real life examples within this course and help students excel.




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