Global Business Strategies



As the world becomes a smaller place thanks to innovations in technology and communication, it becomes easier for businesses to branch out into the global market. This is imperative in the world of entertainment.

As with any endeavor, research and planning are essential pieces of a growth strategy.

This course will help students obtain skills that they need to make their global business a success. The course takes students through all the aspects of a global business, including trade agreements, types of trade transactions, e-commerce, cultural issues, currency management, risk mitigation, finance, logistics, regulations, ethics, and the triple A framework for growth and development

Dr. Knowles understands that an international plan is a blueprint for success. He knows that it will identify your objectives and establish benchmarks to measure your success. He knows firsthand that maintaining commitment is a crucial component of success and with a plan, will help you to assess the feasibility of when, where and how to. carry out your steps.

In this course, you will learn the strategy behind setting goals, providing framework and communicating.

Dr. Knowles will also teach you about the evolving marketplace and how the influence of different cultures, the nature of competition and the ever-changing nature of technology.

Additional topics of discussion will include your presence in the marketplace, the role of human resources, launching your business, and supply and demand.


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