Kickstart Your Business with Crowedsourcing



Smart entrepreneurs and entertainment industry professionals are doing more with less using crowdsourcing. This course covers all the essentials of the major types of crowdsourcing: microwork, macrowork, crowdvoting, crowdcontests, crowdwisdom, and crowdfunding. Students will learn about each type of crowdsourcing as well as the general crowdsourcing process, the most popular crowdsourcing platforms, and ways to engage the crowd.

Using strategic social media, engaging a crowd, and measuring your success. These are all tools Dr. Knowles uses on a daily basis to keep his entertainment empire and personal brand growing. Within this course, you will hear firsthand how Dr. Knowles kickstarted his own business with the use of crowdsourcing.

From planning your crowdsourcing campaign to learning from your mistakes and everything in-between, this course will provide you with a strategic plan and understanding of how you can make crowdsourcing work for you and your business.



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