Marketing for Small Business



Marketing for small businesses means understanding your environment, consumers, and how a small company can position themselves even in the most competitive marketplaces. This course includes step-by-step lessons on understanding the marketing cycle, how people buy, strategies to implement on small budgets, and how to build a presence in the marketplace using traditional, Internet and Social Media marketing. The resources in this course give small business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-ups with everything they need to set up a marketing plan.

Product, price, please, promotion and packaging: otherwise known as the five p’s of a marketing plan. Dr. Knowles has become an expert on each of these pillars and has the accomplishments to prove it. In this course, students will explore the world of strategic marketing and learn what needs to be done to market your small business (and yourself) effectively.

Creating a marketing budget, marketing yourself, marketing terms and advertising will each be examined, and related back to the international entertainment industry.



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