Writing a Business Plan



This comprehensive business plan writing course is ideal for business owners with little to no business plan writing experience, and for business owners looking to grow their business. When participants complete the courseware program, they will have everything they need to write a compelling, complete, business plan that they can confidently use to support their business growth. With our training materials and your guidance, they’ll learn everything they need, including how to describe their USP, perform research, examine the marketplace, create a marketing plan, develop financial projections, and present a compelling, living business plan package.

A business plan typically. contains a variety of elements. An executive summary, a market analysis and an operations plan among others. Dr. Knowles has the knowhow to help you ensure each aspect of your business plan hits all the points needed to set you up for success.

Focusing on SWOT analysis, graphic representation, editing and being organized, this course will serve as a step by step lesson on creating the best business plan you can .

Dr. Knowles will walk you through analyzing the competition, leveraging social media and creating a vision for you and your business.


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